#BazaarArtJakarta2017 Highlights

If you’re summering in Jakarta, visiting the Harper’s Bazaar annual Art Jakarta fair is definitely a must. Boasting itself as the first and biggest art fair in Indonesia, it brings together local and international artists as well as already acclaimed artists through exhibits showcasing an array of paintings, mixed media, sculptures, installations, live projects and performances.

This year’s Art Jakarta fair was held in the Ritz Carlton of Pacific Place, from 28th July-30th July, with the 27th for VIP opening. AS well as beautiful and creative art exhibitions, there was also a culinary art stall.

Below are a few of my favourite art pieces from this year’s Art Jakarta:



Angel of Ressurection – Patrick Owen + Co
Mixmedia on tulle


Cucu Ruchyat


The Spectacle – Nemo Jantzen


A closer look at The Spectacle – Nemo Jantzen



Licaón – Corvengi Mikaelian


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