Cheap Eats: T.G.I Friday’s Endless Appetizers – For Those Wanting The Many, Not The Few

img-0907_origIf you’re like me, the sound of unlimited appetizers must be a dream.  But here’s one thing about my relationship with food, I get hungry as quick as I get full. Which is why this deal at T.G.I Friday’s for Endless Appetisers was perfect for someone me.

Endless Appetisers is basically a separate menu that gives you the ability to have a constant refill of Endless Appetisers, of one appetiser dish, or for an extra 3 pounds you can have an unlimited choice from a variety of starter meals. This is perfect for people just like me, who love eating many different kinds of food but gets full easily. I decided to try the second option, and just constantly ate starters as my main meal.



This dish is one of the newest additions to the T.G.I.F menu, so I had to try this out first. It’s really cute and different as it mixes entreés with dessert ingredients, but not in a gross way.
The waffle cone was slightly sweet and the chicken was full of seasoning, and it was garnished which the cilantro & jalapeńo also brought a blend of opposite flavours.





img-0908_origBBQ WINGS

I followed my first dish of chickens…with more chicken, because chicken is always a good idea. There were over 6 flavours of chicken wings available, and I decided to go for the BBQ chicken wings. There are no other words to describe how good the sauce was except that it was BOMB AF. The sauce was so good I dipped the garnish in the sauce after I finished the chicken. The chicken was hot and crispy, just how chicken wings should be. And of course, all my other friends loved a piece too.



I continued my feast with a serving of ‘Uncle Sam’s Loaded Fries’. I thought the fries could serve as a refresher after so much chicken. Originally, the dish is served with bacon, but since I don’t eat bacon the kitchen was able to exclude it for me. However, I could see why the included bacon to begin with. When you have this dish without bacon, it’s not really loaded. All you’re having is just fries with a small helping of cheese and spring onion.

Although I was full, I still wanted timg-0909_origo explore the endless appetisers menu as much as I could stomach. For my fourth dish, I ordered mozzarella dippers.  At this point, I was so full that I was in a state of ‘Kenyang Bego’ which is directly translated from Bahasa Indonesia as ‘full with food stupid’, but in English it can be loosely translated to a food coma. Overall the mozzarella dippers may have been too much for me, but the flavour was so good that it was so worth me having to unbutton my jeans once I left for home.

The service was fast, soon after I finished each dish there was already a waitress asking if I was ready for my next dish. It’s good for the price too if you’re going to eat a lot, or if you have a big appetite but get full easily. My four dishes each cost £3.25 each, much cheaper than ordering from the standard appetizers menu. I’d recommend taking your time after each dish though. As tempting it is to have endless appetizers one after the other, you’ll get more of your money’s worth.


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