London Life Lessons: Turning An Errand Into An Exploration


Turning into a young adult is great. Freedom and flexibility in your choices, the realisation that you don’t need a special event to buy cake, having to pay rent. But with great power comes great responsibility. And responsibilities are sooo boring.

Early on in the month, I had to venture the 6-hour coach journey from Middlesbrough all the way to London to renew my passport, a task I’ve been reluctant on mainly because of my sheer anxiousness in having to deal with adults and serious responsibilities. So to make the task a little less tedious, I took this opportunity to have short holiday touring around the capital city.

I spent the first night reuniting with a High School friend whilst eating home comfort Indonesian food from Bali Bali in Covent Gardens. I had the special nasi goreng and Teh Botol, as Indonesian a meal could get.
After dinner, we met up with another friend to explore London at night. Central London is one of those cities that you could easily get from one area to another, even without the tube you could easily walk from one neighbourhood because there’s just so much for your eyes to take in and appreciate that you don’t mind the extra miles if it means you can explore more. Which is how we managed to squeeze Piccadilly Circus, London Eye, London Bridge and Big Ben all before our tube day passes expired. Having to move from one attraction to another was exhilarating and tiring, but the rush was definitely worth it. In some ways made viewing each place even more worth it. We ended the night rushing through China Town to drink Bubble Tea. Because what’s the point in leaving Middlesbrough if you don’t even get boba?
The next day after sorting out my passport, I explored London’s tourist hot spots. Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace etc. I’ve been to these places before, but going around without my family was something new, because I had to be independent. And well, it was liberating. Sorting out my own schedule, having to find out my own travel arrangements, planning the day to my own accord. I’m no stranger to London, I visit at least once a year, but this trip was different. Even though it was only two days, it sort of felt like a coming of age thing for me.



P.S: I’m pretty certain this is the park filmed in ‘The Parent Trap’ where the grandpa has a talk with the fake British twin


Because I’m studying in the small town of Middlesbrough, but originally came a big city like Jakarta, being in London hit closer to home than usual. Being in the city once again put me back in my comfort zone. Although I was unfamiliar with the streets and far away from home, as being in a big city once again it reminds me of home. Maybe that’s why I always love travelling into London, even willing to go through the 6-hour coach journey.

This trip was a good mixture of reminding me about the comforts of living in a big city where I can find anything in the corner of the street, but also reminding me to keep growing and pursuing my dreams. After living in a small town for almost two years now, you tend to forget that there is a bigger world out there with endless opportunities.


That’s all from me


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